Creating video content for your website or blog is essential, but have you used video to add that personal touch to your emails?  With video voice-mails you really connect with your leads and clients.  And with vooPlayer we make that quick and easy.

This is just one simple technique for using vooPlayer to help grow your business.

What’s a video voice-mail you may ask?  It’s a quick, impromptu video you make by recording yourself on your computer’s camera.  Then you include a link to that video in the email to send out.  It’s basically like a voice-mail except you are including your beautiful face to be more personal and more original that your competition.

Clients and prospects will really love that personal touch and you will stand out from the crowd.

Below I will show you step by step how to achieve this using vooPlayer!

Step #1:  Decide on an approach 

There are many ways you can go about using the strategy.  Maybe there is an email in your auto-responder series that can benefit from having a personal video like this.  If you do sales or have a sales team, perhaps you include a video like this in your follow-ups after the sales call or initial email exchange.

If you sell big ticket coaching or consulting you can send a video thank you as part of the purchase process.  Customers will love this personal approach as they get started on their training.

Even support teams can use this strategy to end a quick video to a customer who just had a quick question, or use it just to say hi and introduce yourself.

And with vooPlayer, it’s super quick and easy to create and send an impromptu video using your webcam to record.  But remember, using your webcam and using this “loose” approach is only effective in certain situations.  There are others that may require a more polished video.  But for a quick video email vooPlayer is perfect!

Step #2:  Just record your message using vooPlayer

Open your vooPlayer app and click the “Record Now” option.  This will record the video from your webcam.  For the best effect be sure to have some light pointed at your face.

Step #3:  Grab the link and send!

After you create the video and customize it a bit, just Publish your video and then all you have to do now is grab the Share link here:

And you’re done!  Using vooPlayer takes your sales and online marketing strategy to the next level using video.

If you aren’t using vooPlayer yet, click here to check out the full list of features you can use to generate more business using video.