Features Added



  • Affiliate Profile
  • Beta Feature: Skip & Rewind 10s
  • Beta Feature: Request full screen on play
  • Webinar Replay Annotations And Summaries
  • Extended Support Hours
  • New Storage Plans

Recent Fixes

  • Updated Player Setting Features Labeling
  • Resolved iPhone full screen issues
  • Introducing Beta Features
  • Improved video uploading process
  • Mass upload improvements
  • Extended Google Drive & Dropbox support
  • Subtitle handling improvements
  • End-card improvements
  • Overlay optin improvements
  • Expired accounts handling
  • Resetting password improvements
  • Enhanced billing section, rebill dates
  • Improvements to the Audience Segments filtering
  • Fixes for replacing Video Source URL
  • Improved payment method management
  • Storage management improvements
  • SMTP management improvements


  • More extensive support & training
  • Audio only support
  • Rework of overlays and annotations

February was a busy month for the vooPlayer team. We have done a lot of improvements, established new support hours, added new BETA features and as per huge demand we brought you the affiliate program that you were all talking about so much. Let’s have a look and dig a bit deeper in our last month’s work.


Public Review Listings


We would still like to let you know that vooPlayer is now listed/published on the pages below and we would really love it if you could support us and give us a little bit of your time to do the likes, reviews and comments, see the list below:





The resume of our February work

 Affiliate program


  • As per your demand the Affilate Program is here, it is free to join and offers a great way to use vooPlayer and make commissions at the same time. You can earn 30% commission just by promoting the product that you are using and you already know much about. You can find it in your settings in the Billings and License information. For any further questions, please feel free to contact our support who is there for you and is already working a month on the new schedule.

Beta Features Released


 We added 2 new BETA features:


  • Beta Feature: Skip & Rewind 10s: The skip and rewind feature gives you the possibility to skip the video (forward or back) by 10 seconds, it is very helpful when serching for a specific part in the video witout having to manually look for it and bypass it for a houndred times.

 Beta Feature: Request full screen on play: This feature’s name is pretty self explanatory  it allows your video to go full screen as soon as the viewer presses play. In today’s world time is priceless and with this feature we just saved some.

Below (Screenshots of where to find your new Beta Features and the Affiliate Profile)


The Summary of our last month’s webinars.


We thank you for participating in our weekely Q&A Webinars. Our team appreciates your questions, suggestions and ideas and we would love to increase that interaction as much as possible because this formula works both ways, it gives us the opprtunity to talk to you and find out how we are doing and it also gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as well as maybe the implementation of some of your great ideas.

Below you will find a short summary and the replay links of this month’s webinars:

Q&A Webinar Feb 06th

We announced: some debugging issues and the relabeling of player settings features. We talked about Whitelabel account management.


Q&A Webinar Feb 13th

We announced the Upcoming affiliate program integration and our Extended support hours. We talked about many diffrent things including playlist management, embedding rich content and scripts within overlays. caption transcript feature request


Q&A Webinar Feb 20th

A lot of subjects were covered, the Affiliate Program was launched as well as 2 Beta features (Skip / Rewind &
Request Full Screen when playing). Peter also answered some of your interesting questions about Conversion Tracking, Funnels, Live streaming etc. It was a great webinar overall with a lot of useful and practical information.


 Q&A Webinar Feb 27th

This week we had a lot of Marketing work to do so there was no new features added or any major changes that were implemented. Petar announced some new options coming up soon, the multiple accounts per example (one that we often get asked about) as well as being able to add audio files in vooPlayer, stay tuned for these updates.
Some questions were answered but this call was also very rich in practical training tips on how to create all sorts of templates (video templates, funnel templates etc) as well as advice on SEO optimization.