Features Added



  • HotSpots Released
  • CRM Tags Released
  • Export Videos From Dashboard
  • Chrome Recording Plugin
  • Volume Default Settings
  • Email preview image improvements
  • Signup improvements
  • Signup subscriptions
  • Hubspot Integration Edit fixes
  • Dashboard UI Improvements
  • Main Menu UI Improvements
  • Improved Error Handling
  • Stripe errors handling
  • Improving checkLicense response time with known customerID
  • Updating payment processing message
  • Accepting SMS Params
  • Support for square and non pulsating hotspots
  • Fixing affiliate signup
  • Improving markers time display
  • Adding CRM to funnel answers
  • Extending duration 2 seconds at the end of the video
  • Remove subaccount snippet label
  • Image history load improvements
  • Floating Player Improvements
  • Added option to hide resolutions
  • Fixing ckeditor extraPlugins
  • Insight ui improvements
  • Fix global search item display
  • Removing unused textAngular directive
  • Email Gate Button Fixes
  • Improved Custom Start End Time Handling


  • Chrome Recording Extension
  • Play Button Management Improvements
  • Team Accounts


2019 Started off strong with a major update to CTAs which introduced very powerful and adaptive Hotspots. We also followed through with improvements to CRM integrations by making it supper easy to tag your customers. We are also nearing the official release of the Chrome recording and video management extension.


vooPlayer CTAs have been enhanced significantly by the addition of hotspots which feature new and powerful actions such as opening a web page in a video, changing the video, and much more. They can be precisely positioned, shaped and animated.

CRM Tags

This enables users to tag viewers in their CRM platforms with ease empowering better segmentation of contacts and leads for further automation.

Tags are also available in funnels, so that you can forward answers as tags to CRM.


…some other noteworthy additions from February

Chrome Extension Release
We’ve removed the main toolbar in the vooPlayer application and assigned all it’s functionality to the main sidebar menu thus freeing up more space and getting a better overview.

Export Videos List To CSV
You may now export a list of all of your videos, publish ids, share links etc from the dashboard for easier management of your further workflows.

Default Volume Controls
We’ve created a new setting which allows you to pre-define the volume level of your video.

Generating Email Link
We’ve made it easier to generate links for your email campaigns by allowing you to generate linked images directly from the publish menu.

The Summary of our Q&A webinars for the month of December

We thank you for participating in our weekly Q&A Webinars. Our team appreciates your questions, suggestions and ideas and we would love to increase that interaction as much as possible because this formula works both ways, it gives us the opportunity to talk to you and find out how we are doing and it also gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as well as maybe the implementation of some of your great ideas.

You will find a short summary and the replays of this month’s webinars on our YouTube channel.
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