Features Added



  • Public Review Listings
  • Aspect ratio controls (square videos)
  • Updated bandwidth / prepaid bandwidth display
  • Customization of the “Conference ended” content for “Live” Streaming

Recent Fixes

  • Updated referral links to full paths
  • Fixed downloading multiple invoices
  • Set up performance reporting dashboards
  • Floating player fixes
  • In-app video recording fixes
  • Added ability to turn off simulated viewers
  • Added ability to add new credit cards whilst reactivating expired subscriptions
  • Improved “My Files” management
  • Removed buggy affiliate access (temporarily)
  • Enhanced subtitle management
  • Further video format support
  • Storage capacity improvements
  • Expanding the vooAPI() functionality


  • More extensive support & training
  • Improved UI and labeling of player settings features
  • Rework of overlays and annotations

January is usually the month of the fresh start, analysis of what was done well or wrong and how can we make this New Year more successful, interesting and what should we correct not to make the same mistakes from the last year. January is also the month where everyone is starting the gym and looking for the perfect diet but let’s stay focused on business for now.

Public Review Listings


 We would like to let you know that vooPlayer is now listed/published on the pages below and we would really love it if you could support us and give us a little bit of your time to do the likes, reviews and comments, see the list below:


Follow up on the work progress


Our team was working on several new features (as stated in our December Release notes) and here is the latest Follow up:

  • Extending live support hours to provide higher quality and better coverage for issue resolutions
  • Solution: New Business Hours starting in February
  • Enhancing documentation and training materials
  • Solution: vooPlayer’s team likes to simplify things and make them as easy as possible that is why we revised our all documentation and training materials and we added some fresh new articles for you to refer to.
  • Significant investments in our system’s infrastructure in order to provide better performance
  • Improving major processes and modules inside of the application to provide better user experience
  • Increasing the stability and reliability of our development, testing and deployment cycles
  • Solution: We are still working hard on it and this is one of those things we always keep improving and never stop working on
  • Implementing outstanding improvement user feedback gathered throughout 201
  • Solution: We really value our customer’s opinions, critics and suggestion that is why we went through your feedback and we made a priority list as per what should we concentrate on in the first quarter of this year.

Custom Aspect Ratio & Orientation


A really cool option for displaying videos on your sites has been added this month and it is called “Custom Aspect Ratio & Orientation”. It allows you to watch your videos in several different viewing formats (see picture below). An article about it with screenshots and more details will be issued later this month.


Next to all these tasks, our two main priorities remain the quality of our product and the quality of the service we offer you. We work very hard in trying to accommodate most of your needs and we believe we are on a good track for this fresh new year. We hope you had a great holiday season, stay tuned for our monthly release notes and feel free to contact us with any suggestions, issues or ideas you might have with our product.