Features Added



  • Introduction of ENTERPRISE Lite plan
  • BETA Hide Replay / Play Button
  • BETA Play Button Position Option
  • BETA Skip / Rewind Step Control
  • BETA Arrow Skipping
  • BETA Ctrl+% Skipping
  • Player Translations
  • Coupon redemption mechanism
  • Conversion status checker
  • GDPR Improvements
  • Player translations options
  • Additional Resolution for PRO users on demand BETA
Recent Fixes

  • Improved Vimeo migration
  • Improved Video conversion
  • Improved Aspect Ratio handling
  • Fixed popup handling
  • Safari scroll bug
  • loDash fixes
  • BETA Performance Embed Codes handling
  • Fixed custom poster thumbnail issues
  • Fixed exit full screen height issues
  • Fixed on finish redirection of videos
  • Fixed overlay layout bottom position
  • Fixed overlay CTA link actions
  • Updated API docs
  • Fallback code improvements
  • Funnel video picker fixes
  • Video player appearance updates
  • utm_tracking resolutions
  • Improved integrations management
  • Billing section improvements
  • Improved management of payment methods
  • Email Preview Gif Imrpovements
  • Onboarding Demo Video Updates
  • Funnel answer tracking fixes
  • Improved video downloading methods
  • Reporting emails updates
  • contactData updates
  • Subscription cancellation management
  • Fix play button conflicts and styles
  • Improved full-screen in mobile Safari
  • Share button display improvements
  • Improved control button options
  • Improved LIVE conference handling
  • Improved Logo Positioning Settings
  • Promotion Rework
  • Live chat handling and support process improvements


  • Infrastructure Stability Investments
  • Team account management


July was an intense month for the vooPlayer team. As a lot of you may know we had the AppSumo promotion from July to August which lead to over 3000 new vooPlayer users, and with them came a lot a lot of feedback, based on which we were able to significanlty improve vooPlayer for everyone. We are excited to present you with some of those enhancements.

Introduction of ENTERPRISE Lite plan

Throughout 2018 we’ve received a lot of feedback on the missed alignment of value provided, features contained and consumption rates of the standard plan. Main concern being that a lot of folks were taking advantage of the Hybrid-hosting option, not consuming much, if any, storage and bandwidth and simply wanted to leverage the ENTERPRISE features. If that sounds like you, you will be pleased to know that we’ve introduced a new subscription price point at $27/mo or $197/yr if you prefer. This plan offers all the same features which standard ENTERPRISE does, only with lower storage and bandwidth consumption limits. More details will become available soon on our homepage.

Newly introduced BETA features

As mentioned we’ve had a lot of feedback and feature requests, some which really made sense to us so we added them as new BETA features to gather further feedback from you. Here’s a short breakdown.

Hide Play / Replay Button

If you find that play and or replay buttons are not working optimally for your video, for example if you are handling play in a different way and they are getting in the way, you now have options to hide them completely, or better yet…

Play Button Position

You may now move the play button out of the way by positioning it in the top left corner. More positions coming soon, based on feedback of course.

Skip / Rewind Shortcuts

Previously available controls to skip and rewind video content by 10s have now been enhanced so that now you may specify the time interval as well as access those controls with left and right arrows on the keyboard.

Player Translations

We also got a lot of feedback on how important it is to give you the ability to translate some parts of vooPlayer. This is why we are starting to roll out a feature which will allow you to fully customize certain text strings and adapt them to your needs / language.

The Summary of our Q&A webinars for the month of July

We thank you for participating in our weekely Q&A Webinars. Our team appreciates your questions, suggestions and ideas and we would love to increase that interaction as much as possible because this formula works both ways, it gives us the opprtunity to talk to you and find out how we are doing and it also gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as well as maybe the implementation of some of your great ideas.

You will find a short summary and the replays of this month’s webinars on our YouTube channel.

Public Review Listings

We would still like to let you know that vooPlayer is now listed on the pages below and we would really love it if you could support us and give us a little bit of your time to do the likes, reviews and comments