Features Added



  • VAST & Vplay Feed support
  • Apply Player Settings To Existing Videos
  • Close, dismiss floating video feature
  • Improved Create Video Flow
  • User Feedback & Ideas Portal
  • New Developers joined the team

Recent Fixes

  • aWebber Integration Fixes
  • MailChimp Integration Fixes
  • Optimized application compile process
  • Improved error reporting on recording plugin errors
  • .mov conversion optimization process and status indication
  • Simplified video search directive
  • Vimeo mass import over 25 limit enhancement
  • Whitelabeling optimizations
  • Documentation integration improvements
  • Funnel button colors fixes
  • Better embedded player and popup compatibility styles
  • End card content style optimization
  • Improved playhead indicator on video timelines
  • Improved display of large numbers
  • Displaying captured phone numbers in analytics
  • Improved mobile playback for YouTube videos
  • Updated 400 & 500 pages
  • Improved sub-account management
  • Improved iOS thumbnail display
  • Disabled S3 integration temporarily


  • Team account management
  • Rework of overlays and annotations
  • More extensive support & training
  • Audio only support

Spring is here and if we turn around and look at the last quarter, we are very happy with the goals that we have set up for this period regarding the improvements of our product. There were a lot of modifications and improvements of the old as well as many new add-ons  We are very proud to say that thanks to you we have established a great communication and we have listened to your ideas suggestions and comments in order to improve and realize some of our mutual wishes. Keep communicating with us via our social media platforms, webinars as well as the support team. We hope that we have another great month ahead of us and we wish you the same.

Public Review Listings

We would still like to let you know that vooPlayer is now listed on the pages below and we would really love it if you could support us and give us a little bit of your time to do the likes, reviews and comments



VAST & Vplay Feed Support

We’ve integrated support for dynamic ad feeds from any provider that serves VAST & Vplay ads. This allows you to directly monetize your videos by earning on views and clicks from your videos on dynamic ads.  For more info about the utilization of these formats, please refer to https://www.admonsters.com/introduction-vast/

This feature is currently in BETA mode, and it can be accessed from BETA Features settings menu.

Apply Player Settings To Existing Videos

With an understanding that your workflows don’t always follow a linear path we enhanced the capacity to apply player settings to already created videos. Until now you were able to apply settings from another video template only while creating new video.

To apply settings to already created videos simply select the desired videos from the dashboard and select the apply settings menu. 

Improved Create Video Flow

We received a lot of feedback on confusion points and process conflicts while creating a video. This has motivated us to significantly optimize the process of creatign a video. Improved interface layout, process flow and backend processes have been integrated in order to make creating videos more streamlined. Test it out by creating a new video and provide us with additional feedback should you have any.

User Feedback & Ideas Portal

We are excited to announce the new vooPlayer Feedback & Ideas public portal which is aimed at providing everyone with direct insight into the vooPlayer development roadmap. Additionally the portal will help us with gathering, organizing and validating feedback points from users.

The Summary of March Q&A webinars.

We thank you for participating in our weekely Q&A Webinars. Our team appreciates your questions, suggestions and ideas and we would love to increase that interaction as much as possible because this formula works both ways, it gives us the opprtunity to talk to you and find out how we are doing and it also gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as well as maybe the implementation of some of your great ideas.

Below you will find a short summary and the replay links of this month’s webinars:

Q&A Webinar March 6th

We talked about the audio files integration and about adding the Multiple accounts function (It is coming up soon).Once again, some interesting questions were discussed and answered, Peter has shown you a couple of tips and advises per example How to remove a video From the group, we talked about the autoresponders etc

Q&A Webinar March 13th

We were answering to your questions as usual, there were some regarding Email Optin in Funnels, a question about 
the security level of the videos that are not hosted through VooPlayer and some other interesting ones as well. We announced anew upcoming feature that would help monetize your videos (VAST & VPLAY Video Ads) that is something to follow in the near future.

Q&A Webinar March 20th

This week we were proud to announce that our team is growing and we introduced to you two new developers. The much anticipated VAST feed support was released and you wanted to know more about White Label mentions removal which we elaborated. The ability to hide a playlist was explained as well as some other of your very interesting questions.