Features Added



  • Overlays 2.0
  • Performance optimization progress
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Auto-generation for custom domains
  • API REST Create Subaccount
  • API JS getCurrentTime()
Recent Fixes

  • Vimeo import link
  • Handling active issues, downtime notifications
  • Card validation error display
  • Chapter marker display
  • Timeline double-click
  • Fixed time selection directive
  • Email lock validation
  • Animation preview fixes
  • Facebook URL handling
  • Heatmap and analytics performance optimization
  • Whitelabel handling
  • Full-screen scaling handling
  • Overlay positioning
  • Handling autoplaying videos
  • Overlays analytics
  • Playlist issue for sub-accounts


  • Release of Performance Improvements
  • Conversion process enhancements
  • Team account management
As most of you know by now, in May we released Overlays 2.0. which will add significant value to your video marketing efforts. We have also focused on performance optimizations which will be released very soon and are looking towards mobile optimization as the next step.

Overlays & Annotations 2.0

This major update to overlays provides you with 14 new conversion optimized and professional looking call to action and annotation templates which can be integrated and customized very easily.

In case you misted it, you can read the full announcement.

Performance Optimization Progress

Ongoing effort to minimze the load time impact and speed with which the videos are served is reaching a crucial milestone. Very soon you will be able to test it out for yourself.

Upcoming mobile playback and performance optimizations

With a full understanding that everything doesn’t currently quite work as it should on mobile displays and appreciation for how important it is for everything to work, we are dedicating all resources in the upcoming month to reworking and retesting everything regarding how vooPlayer behaves on mobile devices, from playback to going full-screen to rotating phone, to display of controls etc.

The Summary of our Q&A webinars for the month of April

We thank you for participating in our weekely Q&A Webinars. Our team appreciates your questions, suggestions and ideas and we would love to increase that interaction as much as possible because this formula works both ways, it gives us the opprtunity to talk to you and find out how we are doing and it also gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as well as maybe the implementation of some of your great ideas.

Below you will find a short summary and the replay links of this month’s webinars:

Rescheduled Session

Q&A Webinar May 8th

The main subject this week was something we are all looking forward to try and put to work, it is the new and reinvented Overlays and Annotations feature, Petar showed you how it will look and what you will be able to do with it, he gave you a little sneak peek so it is definitely worth watching. We talked about the performance optimization that is now near the completion stage (to be released very soon). We got a lot of your questions regarding the Chapter Markers Option, your questions were answered as well as how to use this great feature. Some fallback code detailing was given for those of you that want to know more about, feel free to watch I added a marker named Fallback Code.

Q&A Webinar May 15th

Rescheduled Session

Q&A Webinar May 22nd

This session was mainly about the newly released Overlays and Annotations, it will give you an idea of the specific tasks you can do with this really great feature. We also talked about creating a template video that can be used as a model to apply your settings from if you want to keep the same theme set of colors or any other applied feature. 

Q&A Webinar May 29th

We talked about the new overlays a lot in this session, we are very pleased that you are loving this new addition so we concentrated again on giving you a lot of great advice on how to use it. We also talked about chapter makers, mobile optimization and we answered a couple of your interesting questions as always.

Public Review Listings

We would still like to let you know that vooPlayer is now listed on the pages below and we would really love it if you could support us and give us a little bit of your time to do the likes, reviews and comments