Features Added



  • Video security update through HLS streaming encryption
  • Video insight analytics updates
  • Bandwidth upgrade to all existing & future users
  • Dashboard groups view
  • WordPress Plugn available on WP Repository
  • Live streaming scheduled every X hours
  • Support for Google Adsense code in videos
  • Date range selection for analytics
  • Copy to clipboard directive
  • New affiliate platform
  • Referrer domain report
  • Clickable link inside of pre and post roll videos

Recent Fixes

  • Affiliate widget on per video basis support from video settings
  • Search views by email
  • Removed gap in insights resulting from locks appearing in the video
  • Uploading image to popup trigger
  • Fixes for custom start / end times
  • Billing information accuracy on rebill dates
  • Autoplay and autoresume conflicts resolved
  • Returning the floating player to original position once finished
  • Video optin lock validation enhancements
  • Mass upload via CSV file
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Improved main toolbar menus
  • Mass upload improvements
  • Watch page URL fixes
  • Image on pause enhancements, closing button, fullscreen support
  • Optimized .mov conversion process


  • Rework of overlays and annotations
  • More extensive training
  • Personalized content in videos based on social media profiles of your viewers

Big updates for November include a complete rework of how we secure uploaded video content, major enhancements to video insight analytics, better video management. There are also several minor updates resulting from user feedback and continual optimization efforts.

Video Security over proprietary HLS encryption

We had many requests to bring content security of your videos to the next level. Our engineering team has finished implementing a wide array of measures and processes in order to maximize your content security.

To take adventage of the recent enhancements just make sure that the “Secure My Video” option is checked when uploading a file.

Enabling this feature will accomplish secured (encrypted) delivery stream of fragmented parts of your video. This makes it really hard to download content, and even if the content is downloaded decryption should be almost impossible considering they are encrypted with our own proprietary algorithm.

Strong  results

Thus far no one has been able to successfully download and play one of the protected videos. Various plugins, extensions, softwares which claim they can download anything, even a couple of security analysts all failed short of downloading a protected video.

Major rework of video insights

In a continous effort to provide more understanding with simple and actionable insights into how your videos are performing, we’ve continued enhancing the insights section.

Combining viewer information with individual views

Up until now we have been treating the view record seperate from the viewer information. The combination of the two was only available on the viewer details card up until now. This enhancements combines the data of both the viewer and ther engagement during a single view in one simpe to understand view.

Additional enhancements include the ability to hover over individual view heatmaps and watch the parts of the video they watched, just like a replay of their experience.

Referral report

One of the newly added features inside of insights is the referral report which provides a list of sites from which your videos have been viewed.

Ability to change dates in all reports

We have introduced an option which allwos you to control the date range for the video views of interest to you. In order to generate a more relevant report for your insight needs you can now simply select the calendat from the toolbar and choose or specify the date range of interest.

We hope that all these enhancements continue to improve the understanding of your audience.

Bandwidth upgrade to 200GB / month

Good news for everyone who were on a vooPlayer Enterprise plan with 50GB limit of turbo bandwidth. Today we upgraded all of your plans to 200GB/month – free of charge. Just our way of saying thanks for being a vooPlayer customer.

Dashboard groups view

Taken as a point of feedback from many users. We have added an ability to change the layout of the “My Videos” dashboard from a list view to a group view.

For those powerusers with hundreds and thousands of videos, we believe this will make management of your videos much easier.

Affiliate platform is ready

Those of you interested in participating in an affiliate based referral program, you’ll be happy to know we finally rolled out access to all users. You will find out a link in your profile section under the affiliate tab.

In December we’ll be focusing on usability

We are planning several large scale enhancements in december begining with a complete rework of overlays and annotations, making it a lot easier for you to create engaging calls and other interactive lements. We are also looking to expand the power of third partt integrations making your marketing efforts easier still. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Until we start getting more feedback on the personalization feature for leveraging data from social networks inside of the videos, we are putting that on the backburner.